Keydell Nurseries Reindeer

When our reindeer are not helping Santa or at Keydell Nurseries they live on our farm along with our donkeys, goats and pigs.

reindeer in field

We have owned all of our reindeer since they were young and although originally from Sweden & Finland, they are quite happy living in the UK. They are handled frequently and are fed and checked twice a day, everyday. The welfare of our reindeer is important to us, they are fed a special diet to keep them fit and healthy which varies during the year. Our vet at Endells in Salisbury is always available for any help. We receive regular visits from an RSPCA inspector.

We are often asked if our reindeer are used for any other events or parades – no they are not.

reindeer in snow

We purchased our reindeer from Steve Swinnerton, at Reindeer Lodge in the Midlands, who has over 20 years experience working with reindeer. We attended a course at Reindeer Lodge to learn all about keeping and handling reindeer before making the decision to purchase our own. Steve works with many of the Sami Reindeer Herders in Sweden and Finland. In Finland and Sweden these beautiful animals are in constant threat from diminishing habitat, avalanches, worm infestation and a huge variety of predators – wolves, lynx, bear, wolverins and golden eagles amongst many other predators including man. Over there they are killed for their skins and for food. Due to the diminishing numbers Steve is now being sent true blood lines of reindeer in order to protect these animals from the effects of diminishing numbers. Statistically we believe that their lifespan here is significantly higher than those in the wild.

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